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As a private, online school, we provide a personalized educational experience for every one of our students. We believe that every student is unique and has their own learning preference, and that is why we offer instructional support that is personalized to help our students succeed. Instructional support at the HS level is a partnership between the Personalized Education Coach (PEC) and the subject-specific Course Instructor (CI). 

PECs and CIs work together to nurture the whole person in a safe, caring, student-centered environment. On average, faculty members have worked 15 years in education and five years at CMASAS, and 50% have post-graduate degrees. Every student is assigned a dedicated and experienced online PEC and CI who provide one-on-one personalized attention to help guide students in their course planning, organizational skills, course curriculum, and fulfillment of graduation requirements. Families love the flexible schedule and the ability to shape classes to address specific interests and learning styles.


PECs are dedicated mentors/advisors who work one-on-one with each student to create a Personalized Education Plan (PEP) that meets student’s specific needs and goals. PECs focus on skills that will follow students across subjects and grade levels. PECs work with students on setting goals, managing their time properly, creating schedules and routines, and learning good study habits. Beyond all else, PECs build relationships to help students know themselves as learners. 

At the high school level, PECs work closely with students to achieve graduation requirements. PECs help students plan for their four years as high school students. They develop plans that support students’ future goals and ambitions. They work with students in keeping track of completed requirements and make course recommendations for those requirements. 

Because PECs know students best, they are an important voice in the personalization process. They are often the ones to see the need for personalization first and can provide CIs strategies and suggestions that will play to the strengths of the student. 

Building relationships with parents/guardians is an important part of PEC support for high school students. They keep parents informed on pacing and progress and collaborate with parents on strategies that will work for their student. 

PECs meet with students one-on-one at least once a week. Meetings are focused on pacing and progress review, time management and study strategies, and overall course support. They also provide live homerooms for all their PEC students. Homeroom is a place for students to spend time socializing with one another. Homeroom activities often include games, fun activities or lessons, and school announcements.



High school students will have a different course instructor for each of their subjects. Our course instructors are experts in their fields and are passionate about teaching. They help students succeed by providing them with personalized instruction, answering questions, and offering feedback. Our instructors are available to students through email, and video conferencing, making it easy to get the support they need whenever they need it. 

They will often have the same instructors for all their core subjects, so students get to know CIs well. CIs often teach both middle school and high school courses. This allows the CI to see extensive knowledge of individual students’ strengths, struggles, and growth. It allows students to build relationships with CIs that span several years. 

As subject experts, CIs reinforce, supplement, and expand the asynchronous curriculum. They grade assignments and provide feedback that is targeted to their students' specific learning needs. Feedback on assignments is an important teaching tool. 

CIs work with students to personalize courses when necessary. They know the courses best and can suggest ways for students to approach assignments, provide alternatives for assignments, and provide supplemental resources to the curriculum. They work with the PEC, who knows the student best, to find the right way to approach a particular lesson or assignment. CIs will meet with students to discuss ways to personalize and make sure the student is an active participant in the process. Personalization works best when equal effort comes from the student, PEC, and CI. 

Meetings allow CIs to help with specific questions or topics. CI meetings are not meant to be live lectures. Students are expected to have worked through lesson material prior to the meetings, so meeting time can be best spent reinforcing ideas that might be unclear through the curriculum alone. 

Our online school offers a flexible learning environment that allows students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. With our dedicated PECs and CIs, students receive the support they need to succeed in their coursework and achieve their academic goals.



Parent involvement is essential to the success of your student's education. When you enroll your student in our high school, you become part of our educational team. At the high school level, we are preparing students to become independent, young adults. As such, we emphasize increased personal accountability. Students are expected to take ownership of their work, progress, planning, and communication. Our PECs and Course Instructors work with students to actively develop habits and skills to support their future goals. These are life-long skills that require family support and oversight.

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