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Learning a second language is an essential part of a well-rounded education, and CMASAS (Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences) offers a broad range of language courses to help students fulfill their language requirements to prepare for college and achieve their language learning goals. Whether you want to travel the world, engage in global business, or simply broaden your understanding of other cultures, our language program can help.


CMASAS requires three credits of World Language/Fine Arts/CTE to graduate. This can be a combination of any courses from these different areas. However, for students intending to apply to a public, four-year college or university, it is recommended to take two credits of the same language. For students intending to apply to a highly selective college or university, it is recommended to take three to four credits of the same language.


Our World Language courses are designed to help students develop strong skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We offer language courses in a variety of levels, including Spanish, French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Latin, and even American Sign Language (ASL). Our courses are designed to be challenging, but also fun and engaging, so that students can enjoy the learning process and make progress at their own pace.





CMASAS currently has two program options for world languages. Each option offers a slightly different approach and selection of languages.




Chinese 1-5

German 1-5

Japanese 1-3

Spanish 1-5

French 1-5

Italian 1-5

Russian 1-3

Portuguese 1-3


These courses are presented through Rosetta Stone. Students use images and audio to learn the language. There are no traditional lessons on grammar or verb conjugations, but rather these components of language are learned through immersion. Activities include a core lesson, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, listening, and others. Each activity follows the same format with students matching what they hear to images. Students will also use the voice recognition program to analyze their oral abilities. All Rosetta Stone courses are supplemented through our learning management system with culture projects, current events assignments, and oral assessments.



Chinese 1-3

French 1-3

Latin 1-3

Spanish 1-4


A more traditional format to language learning that includes lessons in verb conjugations, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. All content is presented through our learning management system. There are various activities that include audio and a recording feature for oral and listening assessments. This is the only program that offers Latin.