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At CMASAS, we encourage our students to own their college admissions process and we work with parents to monitor their progress. We meet regularly with students and parents, host grade-level informational get-togethers, provide ongoing communications, and create a plan with deadlines to help keep students on track. 

As part of our personalized education model, we invest time in understanding students' passions and dreams. We assist them in developing a Personalized Education Plan (PEP) to be intentional and guide them on a path to achieve their personal goals. For students intending to pursue higher education, we provide support in planning the application and selection process, offering resources to help identify and apply for scholarship opportunities. 

We guide students at all grade levels to be self-guided and independent while fostering solid communications skills to enable them to advocate for themselves. Additionally, we emphasize the significance of resilience, critical thinking, and problem-solving throughout their time at CMASAS. Many of our alumni express gratitude for the thorough preparation we provided, aiding in a smooth transition into college. 

Heidi Fox  
Director of Counseling




Our counseling team will evaluate the student’s previous transcript to show what is required to graduate from CMASAS, as well as what courses are needed if the student seeks to attend a four-year university and/or a highly selective college/university. This process is completed upon enrollment for all high school students. To have a student’s transcript evaluated prior to enrollment, the student would be required to pre-register and pay the non-refundable registration fee.